A starving lurcher who tried to eat his own tail is looking for a new home

Rodney the lurcher is ready to be rehomed Credit: RSPCA

A starving dog tried to eat his own tail while locked in a dirty outside kennel in Liverpool.

Rodney, a lurcher cross was found in the back garden of a house in Huyton after an estate agent went to the property to carry out an eviction.

He was discovered by police and the local council inside the soaking wet kennel.

Rodney was found in a dirty and wet kennel in the Huyton area of Liverpool Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA said he was emaciated and his tail had been left badly damaged and part of it had to be amputated.

He'd had been left in the kennel alone for at least three weeks - with visits from his owner to feed him taking place just every few days.

Rodney's tail was so damaged it had to be amputated halfway - but despite all he has been through he still has the capacity to wag it.

Now he does so at almost every opportunity while in the care of the RSPCA’s Warrington, Halton and St Helen’s branch where he has been nursed back to full health.

Rodney has been nursed back to health by staff at the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

Staff at the RSPCA's Warrington, Halton and St Helen's branch nursed him back to health.

Catherine McGee says Rodney is now ready to look for his new forever home.