Manchester nurse urges people to support investment into brain tumour research

A nurse from Salford is calling for greater investment into brain yumour research after her dad died from an aggressive brain tumour.

Olivia Griffiths is encouraging people to sign a petition to take to the government in the hope that more people with brain tumours can be helped by new research that the extra money will provide.

Olivia lost her father Danny in December 2020 after contracting Covid 19; Danny was given 12-18 months to live but lasted two and a half years.

Danny live for two and a half years after his diagnoses. Credit: Family Photo

Olivia said she was shocked at the lack of information and treatments available to her dad.

According to the charity Brain Tumour Research, Of the money spent on cancer research, historically just 1% of that  is spent on Brain Tumour research even-though more people under 40 die form Brain Tumours than any other cancer. 

A Department of Health & Social Care spokesperson said:

“In 2018 we redoubled our efforts to find therapies and new treatments for people with brain tumours, backed by £40 million of funding for research spread over five years.

“Almost £6 million has already been spent on directly funded research, on top of further spending through NIHR infrastructure on technology and research expertise, and we want to encourage research teams to submit high-quality applications for further funding.”

Brain Tumour research says it's not enough. They say just a quarter of that number has gone to the services that need it and much more money is need.