Meet the Covid ward pharmacist being trained by Manchester's Anthony Crolla at new boxing gym in Oldham

Former boxing world champion Anthony Crolla has built a new gym after his old one was destroyed by fire. The new club in Oldham has been constructed in a former football club bar. 

It's currently closed to the community due to the lockdown, but professional fighters can still train. One of those is Rhiannon Dixon, who as well as being a boxer is also a pharmacist on the Covid ward at Whiston Hospital on Merseyside.

Anthony Crolla's old gym was destroyed by a fire at Morton Mill in Failsworth last March. 

After months of hard work along with help and support from the charity Maverick Stars, the former social club has been given a new lease of life and Crolla's Fox amaetur boxing club a new place to call home.  

After hanging up his gloves, Anthony's main job now is being a coach. Thanks to the elite exemption rule his professional fighters are still allowed to train.

Anthony Crolla's old gym was destroyed by fire last year.

The gym is on Oldham's limeside estate. It's currently closed to the public because of lockdown. But when it does reopen Anthony believes it will benefit the whole community.