Lancashire farm that made £50,000 hiring out goats for Zoom interviews is looking for 'goat video caller'

The calls have made an extra £50,000 for the farm. Credit: ITV News

A farm in Lancashire which made an extra £50,000 from providing video calls with goats, is now hiring on the back of its success.Cronkshaw Fold Farm in Helmshore is looking for a 'goat video caller' to get its loveable goats onto video calls and answer goat-related queries.Some of the requirements of the successful candidate include 'spending lots of time with goats' and having a 'good sense of humour'.

Dot McCarthy and the goats Credit: ITV News

When Dot McCarthy took over the farm from her mother in 2016, she diversified into a sustainable business, including educational trips, weddings and accommodation.But when lockdown made most of these extra sources of income impossible, she had the idea of asking animal lovers to dial in for a one-way chat.For £5 people can book a video call with any of the farm's eleven goats. The scheme has raised a total of £50,000 for the farm so far.

  • Granada Reports journalist Paul Crone visited the farm in May 2020.

The farm says the goats all have different personalities so viewers can decide which one they want for an interview.Elizabeth is described as "classy" with "impeccable video call etiquette, an on point glossy coat and good posture", whereas Mary is described as having "a limited attention span".

All the profits from further zoom calls will go towards switching the entire farm to renewable power in a bid to help combat climate change.The application says: "This role has been checked by citizens advice guidance advisers and abides by all the COVID 19 social distancing safety rules."The successful applicant will have their own private hand washing facilities for their sole use and their own toilet facilities for their sole use also."This is a great opportunity to get involved with a passionate organisation working hard to do something to help tackle climate change."