Storm Christoph: Two weeks on since Cheshire homes were flooded

It has been two weeks since Storm Christoph hit the North West and caused flooding which forced hundreds of people out of their homes.

The heavy rain brought 'threat to life' warnings for part of Greater Manchester and the river Mersey came close to bursting its banks.

In Cheshire, the village of Lymm was badly affected and residents there have been asking whether if more warning could have been given and if the flooding could have been prevented.

There are some flood defences in Lymm but people are concerned that spending cuts have meant they are not rigorous enough.

Councillor Graham Gowland, Lymm Parish Council, said: "We were having surface water problems. We were seeing the Bollin backing up. Some of that is associated with just maintenance of the drainage system.

"We saw farmers fields where ditches perhaps hadn't been cleared. We saw culverts getting blocked up and water starting to back up from there."

Gabrielle Burns-Smith's home in the aftermath ofStorm Christoph two weeks ago. Credit: PA

Gabrielle Burns Smith's home was badly flooded and she fears that it could happen again if there is more rain in the coming weeks.

"The stream that runs alongside is now full of silt and sand from where it's run off the fields as it's supposed to come down," she said.

"So now it's not deep enough. So if we get a couple of days of rain like we did yesterday, we're in trouble."

Andy Carter, the MP for Warrington South, has admitted that more needs to be done to help those affected saying that steps need to be in place to help people with insurance payments.