Heartwarming moment 91-year-old leaves hospital in Liverpool after surviving coronavirus

  • Watch the moment that Stan Swift leaves hospital to applause from NHS staff. Video credit: Dominic Swift and Royal Liverpool Hospital

The moment a 91-year-old man is wheeled out of hospital after being admitted with coronavirus has been captured on camera.

Stan Swift was admitted to the Royal Liverpool Hospital on Christmas Day after catching Covid-19, and while he remained strong for a week, his condition suddenly started to plummet.For a fortnight, the granddad-of-two's condition was of great concern and it looked like he might lose his life.Doctors told Mr Swift's family there was little they could do if his health deteriorated any further.But unexpectedly, he started to fight back and his condition gradually improved and he was later able to have Skype conversations with his family.On January 26, Stan was discharged from the Royal Liverpool Hospital to loud applause from the staff who cared for him.

Stan's family were concerned he wasn't going to pull through Credit: Liverpool Echo

As he was wheeled through the corridors, he smiled and clapped the nurses with a framed picture of his late wife Ann on his lap.Stan was taken to Broadgreen Hospital for after-care treatment as the ordeal caused him to lose a lot of weight. But he is expected to make a full recovery and return to his Knotty Ash home soon.Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Stan's grandson Dominic said: "Granddad is a really positive and optimistic person and that was a big part of him pulling through.

"He's such an enthusiastic fella, nothing gets him down and he's really strong, even at 91."

"We have so much gratitude to the hospital, my mum was calling every day and doctors and nurses were really honest and forthright with us."It's brilliant the care that they gave him and how happy they've made him and us."