Mystery ownership of culvert leaves businesses out of pocket after flooding

Staff at MoviESCAPE in Stockport are raising money to repair their building after it was damaged by flooding, 

They say the flooding was due to a blocked clvert, which carries ground water to the river, that had not me maintained.  

The fields and the road have been flooding for years and it's been reported but nothing has happened. 

Matt Butler

 Manager of MoviESCAPE Matt Butler said the  50 thousand pounds worth of damage could have been prevented.  

He said: "At the Hight of the rainfall there was just nowhere for the water to go, Had the culvert been running the place would not be flooded. The fields and the road have been flooding for years and it's been reported but nothing has happened."    

Matt and his team say that there has been flooding around Welkin Mill for years. Credit: MoviESCAPE

Matt and his team think the culvert is owned by Stockport city council who failed to maintain it.   

But a spokesperson for Stockport Council said:  

We were unaware of any reports immediately before the flooding that the culvert was blocked.

Stockport Council

"The culvert runs through land owned by the council and under the unadopted Welkin Road. We have cleaned the culvert out as an emergency measure and are investigating who is responsible for the culvert at this location.   

"We are continuing to investigate the flooding at Welkin Mill that was caused by the unprecedented, heavy rainfall caused by Storm Christoph."

The culvert has reportedly been blocked for years. Credit: MoviESCAPE

The Council went on to say: "As a result of the rainfall associated with the storm, the council contacted Welkin Mill, many businesses and 4,900 homes in the borough warning them of the imminent risks following the flood warning and advised them to take precautions if flooding did occur.

"The council recognises the distress caused to business owners who have been directly affected.

 "We have continued to provide practical support and advice to the businesses in Welkin Mill, but we are not in a position to be providing support to those who have suffered financial losses."  

It is unclear who is responsible for the culvert and its maintenance, but Matt is hoping they find out soon to get some support to fix the damage. 

Until then Matt and his team have started a fundraising campaign to pay for the damages.  

 If you want to know more about their efforts please click here.

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