Wildlife Trust issues warnings over ice skating on frozen lakes and rivers

Credit: Alan Wright/Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside is warning people not to risk their lives by skating or walking on frozen lakes in the North West.

Freezing temperatures in the last week have seen icy lakes and rivers in nature reserves managed by the trust, with reports of people walking and skating on the lakes being received.

The Trust have said that as well as endangering life, using the lakes for sporting activities is harmful to the wildlife living there.

Campaigns Manager Alan Wright said: "It is concerning to hear that our wetland nature reserves are being used for Dancing on Ice practice, but we need to warn people that this is dangerous.

"These lakes are deep because of the recent floods and there will be areas where the ice is going to be thin. 

"Our reserves, by their nature, are remote places and if anyone gets into difficulties, there will only be a few, if any, people around to help."

Credit: Alan Wright/Wildlife Trust

Trust Health and Safety Advisor Ben Turpin said: “Frozen lakes pose a significant risk to life and must not be used for any recreation or entertainment. The Trust’s ability to provide immediate emergency response is limited and these incidents put extra pressures on staff and resources. 

"It is also recognised that over half of people who have drowned under ice are those trying to rescue other people or dogs, so please ensure you treat frozen lakes with the respect and care they demand."

Temperatures in the North West are set to rise in the coming days which should hopefully mean that people are not in a position to venture out onto the ice.

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