Asylum seeker deemed suicide risk after Home Office mix-up takes away his asylum six days after it was granted

An asylum seeker from Togo was deemed a suicide risk after a mix-up at the Home Office meant that his asylum status was revoked six days after it was granted.

Kossivi Adounsou was tortured in his home country and has been living in Wigan waiting on a decision on his asylum claim for the last 8 years.

He was finally notified through his housing provider, Serco, that his claim had been accepted, until six days later when the Home Office said that there had been a mistake.

The error caused Kossivi to go into a state of despair, he barricaded himself in his home and was taken to hospital as he was deemed to be a suicide risk.

He said: "In my country, they torture you with machetes and knives, in this country it is with letters and a pen."

He added: "When I first received the letter, I said this is the end of my suffering."

Kossivi said that if he were to return to Togo he would be killed.

The Home Office have said that they are "looking into the case, but that it is complicated".

However, Serco have told ITV News that he is allowed to stay in the country, but this has not been verified by the Home Office at this point.