Burnley College didn't do enough to protect teacher who died with Covid says family

A teacher's family has said that not enough was done to protect her at a Burnley sixth form college after she died a month after catching Covid-19.

Donna Coleman worked at Burnley College and was 42 when she died on January 6.

Her sister, Vicky, worked at the College until July last year and said that she raised concerns about the levels of protection staff were given, but that she was made to feel stupid for asking questions.

She added: "I was terrified about her going back to work in September and she was frightened as well."

"She absolutely loved her job. They didn't have a chance and it wasn't just Donna, it was all the other staff in that division.

"They have to turn up, they have to go to work, they have to do their job, but there wasn't enough done."

Vicky said that Donna was "fun and caring" and that the family are heartbroken by her death.

Credit: Family Photo

The University and College Union have said that they had raised concerns about safety measures put in place by Burnley College before Donna's death.

Martyn Moss, UCU Senior Regional Official, said: "We rejected the college's health and safety risk assessments as not being suitable or sufficient."

Burnley College have been contacted for a response but have so far not replied.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in Burnley have said they are working with the college regarding covid measures on campus and working to establish the facts of Donna's case.

Donna's family have said they want a full inquiry into the matter by the HSE.