North West bands unsure of touring future in Europe after Brexit

  • Video report by Tim Scott

Musicians across the North West have said that their livelihoods are now at stake because of new Brexit rules which cover touring in the EU.

The rules mean bands will have to pay hundreds of pounds to be allowed to cross EU borders and they say an increase in paperwork is also making touring unviable.

Today politicians faced questions as to why the government had rejected an offer from the EU for post-Brexit visas.

Bands must now negotiate their own visas for each country that they travel in and detail every bit of kit they are carrying.

Fran Doran, the lead singer of the Liverpool-band Red Rum Club, said that they want to hear that opportunity to play music in Europe will come back.

He said: "The worry is that the opportunities won't be there, because of Brexit."The government have said that they offered deal for touring musicians to the EU during negotiations, but it wasn't accepted.

The said that they are working with the EU to try and find a solution.

However today the Culture Minister, Caroline Dineage, said that no formal negotiations are currently taking place.