'Martyn's Law' hopes to provide better protection from terrorism in public places

The Government is setting out plans to protect public places from terrorist attacks

The 18 week consultation proposes a new Protect Duty, a legal requirement for public places to ensure preparedness for and protection from terrorist attacks. It will draw on lessons learnt following previous terrorist attacks.

Figen Murray has been campaigning for 'Martyn's Law' after she lost her son in the Manchester Arena attack.

The consultation will run for 18 weeks and will seek the views on:

·         who the Duty should apply to;

·         what it will require stakeholders to do;

·         how compliance should work; and

·         how the Government can support those in scope.

Whilst subject to consultation, the intention is that the Duty would apply to specified owners and operators of public venues, large organisations and those responsible for public spaces.

It would require those in scope to consider terrorist threats, and consider and implement appropriate and proportionate protective security and organisational preparedness measures.