Manx ferry workers will not have to self-isolate as Steam Packet and Isle of Man Government reach new agreement

The Steam Packet Company has been operating throughout the pandemic bringing essential freight, key workers and Manx residents into the Isle of Man. Credit: Steam Packet Company

Manx crew members of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company will not have to self-isolate each time they finish their shift.This follows a dispute about what Manx crews were expected to do on arrival, after the Director of Public Health claimed they should be self-isolating after each shift.

A senior Steam Packet Company worker wrote to the Chief Minister explaining how the rules were 'ridiculous' as some workers would have to be in permanent isolation.

The change in isolation is one of various changes to rules for Manx ferry workers after a new agreement has been made with the Isle of Man Government.

Further changes include changes to testing as all crews will now be tested for Covid-19 before and after each shift.

UK-based crews working on the Manx ferries will still be required to self-isolate on their arrival into the Isle of Man.

The new arrangements have been approved by the Island's Director of Public Health Dr Henrietta Ewart.

It was also previously agreed that crew members of the Steam Packet would be vaccinated as a priority.

On Wednesday 24th February, 69 crew members received their first dose.

Both the Isle of Man Government and the Steam Packet Company have said they will continue to engage on a regular basis going forward.