Meet the makeup artist from Manchester who transforms herself into Angelina Jolie and Boris Johnson

A makeup artist from Tameside in Greater Manchester has become an internet hit after transforming herself into celebrities and posting the photos online.

Nicky Hill has not been able to work her usual job as a makeup artist because of the pandemic. But that hasn't stopped her painting her own face. 

The so-called 'professional shapeshifter' turns herself into the likes of Angelina Jolie and Boris Johnson and has gained thousands of fans on social media.

  • One TikTok video of a Donald Trump transformation has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

27-year-old Nicky is a self-taught creative makeup artist. She started off by doing makeup for her family and friends for nights out and eventually turned it into a career.

But since the coronavirus pandemic hit, she has been unable to work her day job as a full-time makeup artist.

Nicky found herself with a lot of free time during lockdown and began experimenting with creating celebrity makeup transformations and optical illusion looks.

How does she do it?

  • Nicky says she puts a lot of time into planning and creating the transformations. First, she gets a photograph of the celebrity, choosing one with good lighting and shading.

  • She studies the photograph to mark out the celebrity's bone structure and face shape.

  • Next, Nicky uses uses shading and contouring to replicate their bone structure and create the illusion that her face shape has completely changed.

  • Some makeup looks can take over ten hours to create.

As well as transforming herself into celebrities, Nicky also creates optical illusion looks Credit: Instagram/@NickyHillArtistry

Making a name for herself online hasn’t always been easy. One of Nicky’s images was shared and replicated millions of times. But because it wasn’t watermarked – she didn’t get any recognition for her work.

The setback affected Nicky's passion for her art and she says she "fell off the makeup wagon for a while."

But, after encouragement from her partner Adam who said she was "sitting on a talent", she became creative with her makeup tools again.

Nicky has seen her followers on Instagram increase by thousands in just a few months. Videos that she has shared on her page have earned her an army of fans from around the world.

Nicky said: "Someone messaged me from Texas the other day. And people have come up to me in the supermarket and told me that their daughters love my work!"

Currently, Nicky creates all of her makeup looks whilst sat on her bed in her room at her dad's house.

But the big dream is to work on film sets and travel the world doing what she loves most.

To see more of Nicky's work - click here for her Instagram page.