Choking cat saved by animal rescuer after getting wrapped in wire fencing

A cat which was choking to death after getting wrapped in wire fencing has been saved by an animal rescuer in Liverpool.

Video footage shows RSPCA inspector Anthony Jones freeing the cat after it became entangled in old chicken wire fencing in a garden on Woolton Road.

A woman spotted the cat in trouble and was unable to free it herself so contacted the animal welfare charity.

Anthony said the cat was choking to death when he found her.

Credit: RSPCA

"She had the wire around her front paw and round her neck - so as she struggled to free herself the wire was getting tighter and she was choking. She was a few minutes away from death so I had to work quickly to free the pet and I am pleased to say - although shaken by her ordeal - she was unscathed.

"She was originally unsteady on her feet and I was worried about any effects of oxygen deprivation. But by the time I got her to the vets she was so much happier. 

"She was the most friendly and grateful cat I’ve rescued in 12 years and she began purring the moment I pulled her free from the wire.

"But this just shows how dangerous wire fencing can be and we would urge people to take extra care when installing fencing or security measures and to avoid using wire where possible, particularly if it is located somewhere where animals may become trapped easily.” 

The cat was taken to the RSPCA’s Wirral and Chester branch until her owner was found.

A woman came forward following a social media appeal to take back her pet cat, who is called Asia and is aged 17.

Anthony added: “Asia was delighted to be reunited with her grateful owner and she has told me she is getting treated to chicken and cuddles to help her recuperate.”