Granada Introducing: Singer songwriter Phoebe Green from Lytham

Phoebe Green is a singer songwriter from Lytham who has already caught the attention of one of her favourite artists.

The US critically acclaimed songwriter Billie Eilish has revealed she has two of Phoebe's songs on her playlist. Her latest track 'Grit' from her new EP and 'Dreaming Of'.

Phoebe Green chatting to Elaine Willcox on the famous Lytham Promenade Credit: ITV Granada

Phoebe's already recorded some of her exclusive new tracks for the famous South by Southwest Festival 2021 (SXSW) in Austin in Texas, which is held in March.

She writes and performs in her band with her younger sister Lucy, who is a classically trained pianist. They have worked together coming up with creative ideas for their music videos, using green screens and clever editing in lockdown.

Harvey Frost produced the 50's Noir gangster style video for 'Easy Peeler' and Phoebe says the visuals and style are a big part of her music too. Shirley Temple is one of her heroes, she's a big fan of musical theatre and that has had an influence on her style too.

Sitting in the rain on the famous Lytham Green in the shadow of the Windmill, she said she would be interested in performing on the green at Lytham Festival, which is scheduled to go ahead in 2021.

She described 'Grit' as her favourite track from her new EP, ' I Can't Cry For You'. She said her music is 'deceptively happy sounding'. Then added, 'when you actually listen to to my music, it's tempting to think 'poor girl, is she ok'?

Phoebe hasn't stopped writing throughout lockdown and can't wait to go on tour, and her label Chess Club Records are already hoping to make plans for later this year.

You can follow her latest music on instagram here

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