Merseyside motorist's Covid beach blocking protest sparks anger

The Vauxhall Corsa blocking the entrance to the popular car park Credit: Liverpool Echo

A driver has been "spoken to" by police after using a car to make a stand against people supposedly breaching lockdown restrictions.

The mystery motorist staged the one-person protest in dramatic fashion - by parking across the entrance to a popular Wirral beach.The Vauxhall Corsa was left overnight on Leasowe Road, making it impossible for anyone to drive through to the overspill car park at Moreton Shore.Notes were placed inside the windows displaying the messages "Due to Covid lockdown," and "Please exercise near your home as per UK law - thank you".

But it sparked an angry response from locals, who denied they were breaching the regulations and vented their frustration on a local Facebook page.

Keep out - the signs in the car windows say it all Credit: Liverpool Echo

Another woman added: "I too am only down the road and very local but with a four-year-old. The walk can take 30 mins and then he’s tired by the time we even get to the beach so we also drive and park here so that we can actually have a walk on the beach. What an idiot!"

And another poster complained the car owner's actions would prevent wheelchair users from reaching the shore."What an inconsiderate idiot! We live in Moreton and use this access road to park as it is easier to access the beach for people (like my husband) who has disabilities and those others who have wheelchairs/pushchairs etc."

Moreton Beach - part of Wirral's beautiful shoreline Credit:

When news of the car was posted in another local Facebook group, it received more than 200 comments with many people slamming the owner for their actions.

Merseyside Police said the car was removed just after 9am on Thursday 4 March.A spokesperson for the force said: "We were contacted at 8.20am following reports a Vauxhall Corsa was parked on Leasowe Road in Wirral and was blocking emergency access to the beach."The car was removed at just after 9am and the owner was traced to his home address, spoken to and given advice."