Jackie Weaver releases single about that Handforth Parish Council meeting

A new dance track has found itself an unlikely front woman - in the guise of viral sensation and local council advisor Jackie Weaver.

The 63-year-old shot to fame in January following her handling of an online meeting of the chaotic Handforth Parish Council in December.

The Zoom meeting, which was uploaded to YouTube, saw councillors lose their cool and trade insults, quickly went viral, and made an overnight star of the Cheshire local government advisor.

Now, in a bid to raise awareness of the lack of diversity and representation at local government level. Jackie has teamed up with singer Joe Rose, and producer Helen Meissner - known as Helefonix - to release the song 'Kicked Him Out'.

The single features catchphrases from the fiery meeting including "you have no authority here" and "read the standing orders, read them and understand them".

It is hoped the track, which is being released on streaming platforms will help promote the Make a Change campaign - aiming to improve diversity and representation at local government level.

It is not the first song written about Jackie Weaver, or the now infamous Handforth Parish Council meeting.

Just days after it was discovered Andrew Lloyd Webber joined a growing number of admirers of the chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils

The Academy Award-winning composer posted a song - co-written with Don Black and performed alongside Carrie Hope Fletcher - on Twitter and Instagram.

Jackie also became the subject of Handforth Parish Council: The Musical, posted on YouTube by comedy music act Flo and Joan.

The subsequent February meeting of the Cheshire council was watched by thousands as many joined the Zoom call, and watched an online stream.

Onlookers could be seen smoking and drinking alcohol, with members of the public joining proceedings with laughter and cat-calls.

The reunion did not include former star Jackie Weaver as the council's usual clerk, Ashley Dawson, had returned.

How did Jackie Weaver become an internet sensation?

Jackie Weaver hosted a meeting of Handforth Parish Council in which councillors lost their cool and traded insults, leading to her kicking chairman Brian Tolver off the Zoom call.

A clip of the 10 December meeting, which was put on Twitter on 4 February, had been viewed more than three million times just 12 hours later, much to the shock of Ms Weaver.

The clip has now been viewed over 5.7 million times on Twitter alone.

The meeting of the parish council in Cheshire marked the second time Mr Tolver had been removed, having previously been evicted from the earlier 7pm planning and environment committee call.

In the 7.30pm extraordinary meeting, Mr Tolver told Ms Weaver, chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils (ChALC), to "stop talking", and added: "You have no authority here."

Councillor Brian Tolver told ITV Granada Reports Jackie Weaver was acting outside the law and that caused the angry reaction by some of his colleagues.