Many young carers live in ‘digital poverty’, leaving them isolated from friends, family and health services

  • Report by Granada Reports correspondent Tim Scott

There are more than 700,000 young carers in the UK.

They spend much of each day looking after their sick parents as well as their brothers and sisters.

But to stay in touch with their friends, families, local GPs and health centres they need wifi, smartphones and computers - something many struggle to afford, and things that many of us take for granted.

And with schools going online during the pandemic, it has been difficult for many young carers to keep up with their studies.

Elorm is the primary carer for her mum who has sickle cell anemia, and also has to look after her younger siblings.

Now though, the Salford-based Who Cares Campaign, has set up The Digi Fund.

All funds raised will go directly to providing technology for young carers.

They will fund young people who do not have but can demonstrate a need for: laptops, tablets, phones, phone contract, headphones, wifi, data, chargers for existing electronic devices, programmes for study support (e.g Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint)

It is hoped by providing those necessary tools, the Digi Fund will make a real difference to young people's lives.

The Who Cares Campaign is run by charities The Lowry, LUNG and Gaddum who support young carers in Salford.

Finlay cares for his mum who was born with the growth-restricting Russell Silver Syndrome, complicated by a car accident and a serious fall.