Meet the volunteers carrying out hundreds of vaccinations a day

  • Report from Jennifer Buck

Across the North West, thousands of people have put their lives to one side and become vaccination volunteers, helping implement the biggest and fastest mass vaccination programme this country has ever known.

They have come from all walks of life and volunteered to deliver the vaccinations that should get us on the road to normality.

Rachel Usher Credit: ITV News

Rachel Usher is normally fighting fires for Lancashire Fire and Rescue, now she's delivering a life saving service of a different kind

It's very different to my normal job, but in my normal job I see the same people day in and day out working in a small team but here we are just with different people all the time and it's nice to be out in the community speaking to people hearing their stories, so it's really good it's really nice

Rachael Usher - Vaccinator

Maureen Abson was forced to close her massage training business during the first lockdown and when the vaccination programme was rolled out she saw an opportunity to help

The online training course to become a vaccinator is open to everyone and the on the job training is carried out under the watchful eye of medically trained professionals

Andy Hammond Credit: ITV News

Andy manages a charity that normally plans holidays for adults with learning disabilities, when he was forced to take a break he still wanted to help people

When the third lockdown came in it was quite obvious that vaccinations are the way out, as much as lockdown and masks do the job, vaccinations is the light at the end of the tunnel and I wanted to be a part of that

Andy Hammond - Vaccinator