Liverpool family distribute 'stab packs' as they continue their anti-knife crime campaign

  • Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Tim Scott

The family of a man from Liverpool murdered in 2001 are warning the re-opening of society from lockdown could lead to a rise in knife crime.

Colin McGinty was stabbed after a night out - two men were jailed for the 21-year-old's murder.

Since Colin's murder his family have campaigned tirelessly against knife crime.

On the 20th anniversary of Colin's death, his sister and parents visited a community centre in Blackburn.

They delivered a bleed control pack to the centre - which can save the lives of people who have been stabbed - which they have provided through fundraising in Colin's name.

The packs contain bandages and tourniquets equipment to help people treat stab-wounds. The family want them to be available in bars and youth centres.

Colin's family hope to fundraise for more bleed control packs, so they can be distributed across the country.

It is hoped the packs will enable people who have suffered stab wounds to be treated and saved from bleeding out before the emergency services arrive at the scene.

More information on their organisation can be found here.