Tiny baby girl who doctors said 'wouldn't make it' cuddles twin brother for first time

Louie (left) & Neve (right) Credit: Laura Hough and Chris Carey

A tiny baby girl who doctors said "wouldn't make it" has been reunited with her twin brother for the first time after they were born prematurely.Neve and Louie were separated at birth after being delivered by emergency C-section because Neve wasn't getting enough nutrients in the womb.Photos taken in the past few days by proud parents Laura Hough and Chris Carey show the twins finally able to cuddle after a fortnight apart.

Louie (left) & Neve (right Credit: MEN Media

The twins were born at Liverpool Women's Hospital on March 8, with Louie weighing just over 3lbs and Neve just over 1lb.

Louie required medical intervention early after being born and the decision was made to separate the twins immediately so they could receive treatment.Now, two weeks on, Louie and Neve have finally been allowed in the same incubator together.

About two nights ago one of the other babies was being moved to a different unit so they brought Neve down and put her in the same room as her brother. Then yesterday they put them both in the same incubator at the same time. They ended up with their arms over each other, their legs crossed and holding hands. She tried to put her hands around his neck - it was funny to watch them.

Laura Hough

First-time mum Laura, 27, from Liverpool, added: "They had me up the wall."I was going to the hospital twice a week as Neve, her placenta was deteriorating."Her and Louie were in separate bags and he was fine but it was affecting her blood flow so I had to have an emergency C-section."For a good few weeks I was carrying them I kept getting told by the hospital that she wasn't going to make it."They wanted her to make it to 28 weeks so they were keeping an eye on her blood flow."And because it stayed stable they pushed it to 30 weeks before performing the emergency C-section."

Laura and Chris with their twins. Credit: MEN Media

Despite Neve's problems in the womb, it was Louie who seemed to be suffering more after their premature arrival.Laura said: "When they did come out she didn't need any oxygen at all, she was fine. It was Louie, both of his lungs collapsed because he had air in them."So he ended up receiving treatment to drain the air out of his lungs."Laura said she was "made up" when the babies were born but at the same time she was scared because doctors were telling her Neve might not make it.