Jenrick makes first visit to Liverpool after intervention plan announced

Cunard Building Liverpool
Liverpool's Cunard Building: the office of the elected Mayor and other officials. Credit: Press Association

Officials in Liverpool have been paid a visit from the Secretary of State just days after he intervened in the running of the city.

Robert Jenrick said in a tweet that he thanked council officers for their 'hard work'.

It was not immediately clear if he met with any elected politicians at the local authority.

Bullying, intimidation, “dubious” deals and “jobs for the boys” were amongst the themes in a report by local government inspector, Max Caller, called in to investigate last December after a series of arrests for fraud, bribery, corruption and witness intimidation.

Joe Anderson, the then elected mayor of Liverpool, was among those held.

The authority, a Labour stronghold, will now have some of its functions taken from councillors and officers for the next three years and instead the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) will appoint commissioners, part of an “improvement plan”.

The Council has pledged to address all of the concerns raised, and promised changes in those departments. 

Joe Anderson, the former elected Mayor of Liverpool. Credit: Press Association

Meanwhile it has been reported that Mr Anderson, who stepped back from his role following his arrest last December, is taking court action to try to get city taxpayers to pay his legal fees.

It comes after Liverpool City Council rejected his request to use public money to cover his costs from the ongoing police investigation.

Mr Anderson has launched judicial review proceedings to challenge their decision. He was arrested in December on suspicion of bribery and witness intimidation, but has since been released under investigation and denies all the allegations.

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