Joanne Anderson announced as Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Liverpool

Liverpool councillor Joanne Anderson
Liverpool Councillor Joanne Anderson. Credit: Twitter

The Labour Party has announced that Joanne Anderson will be standing as the party’s candidate for Mayor of Liverpool in the upcoming election.

The party said Cllr Anderson - who is no relation to former Mayor Joe Anderson - has "devoted her working life to fighting for equality, diversity and social inclusion".

The Cunard Building in Liverpool serves as the office of the elected Mayor. Credit: Press Association

Liverpool's considered a Labour stronghold and the party's candidate will be considered a front runner for the top job at the local authority.

But recent weeks have seen terrible headlines, from the arrest of Joe Anderson, to Labour reopening the selection process for his successor and finally last week, the Max Caller report which led to government intervention in the running of the council.

Analysis by Political Correspondent Hannah Miller

An unfamiliar face - though the name might ring a bell. There are already signs that Joanne Anderson is seeking to make a clean break from Liverpool's recent Labour past.

If elected as Mayor, Joanne Anderson will become the city's first black and first female leader.

She was first elected to Liverpool City Council in 2019. While her supporters say this makes her a fresh face to the town hall, unsullied by the problems that have plagued Labour's recent past, opponents will question whether she has the necessary experience to lead the council in a senior role.

She was selected as one of two candidates on Labour's shortlist after selection process mired in controversy. Having spent the short campaign trail so far emphasising the need for unity within the party, along with transparency about the past, last night she became the first Labour councillor to openly criticise the former Mayor Joe Anderson.

Writing on Twitter, she described as 'appalling' the news that he is seeking public money to help with legal costs. She added: 'The Council is right not to pay these legal fees. It is both morally and ethically wrong to request that Council funds be used in this way.

The full list of candidates who have already announced they are standing to be Liverpool Mayor is:

  • Roger Bannister, TUSC

  • Katie Burgess, Conservative Party

  • Tom Crone, Green Party

  • Richard Kemp, Liberal Democrats

  • Steve Radford, Liberal

  • Stephen Yip, Independent

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