Hundreds gather in Castlefield Bowl in Manchester for illegal rave

  • Video from Twitter/@MarioCarta 1

A emergency dispersal order has been put in place across the whole of Manchester city centre after hundreds gathered in Castlefield Bowl for an illegal rave.

Videos posted on social media showed large numbers of people dancing and drinking in Castlefield Bowl, as a live DJ played to a crowd.

Footage also showed the swathes of people dancing and drinking in the outdoor venue known for hosting gigs.

Ahead of the Easter weekend Greater Manchester Police activated the dispersal order, giving them greater powers to move people on.

Credit: @MarioCarta1/Twitter

Now a councillor has warned equipment will be seized and DJs at illegal gatherings will never work in the city again.

Pat Karney, from Manchester City Council said: "It's tough for students it's tough for all of us, but these students go home to mums and dad who may not have had their jabs, or to grandparents who have not had their second jab.

"Just overlooking this arena and the disgusting spectacle from last night is a woman who works in the Covid wards at the MRI, she had to put up with this so it's hard for everyone."

He added that cleaning teams had spent all day cleaning parks and open areas from rubbish, saying those who leave litter should be "ashamed of themselves". Greater Manchester Police was called to break up the crowds, and while it does not want to stop people having fun, said rule breakers will not be tolerated.

It added no fines have so far been issued for the rave, but officers are trying to track down the organiser.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes said: "We had to intervene, there was some appalling behaviour, there was a lot of litter, loud music, a lot of poor behaviour, some people were urinating and we had to go in and clear the area.

"I must say we did clear it quite peacefully and most people again complied and went home.

"But it's not the thing we should have to get involved in."

But, despite the strong words of warning residents living nearby say they believe police could do more.

Sarah Conway lives on a barge next to the Bowl and says she feared for her safety.

The litter left behind has been condemned by local has been condemned by local councillors who say people need to take responsibility for their rubbish.

Litter was left across the venue after the illegal rave was shut down. Credit: MEN Media

Sarah uses one of her boats as an Airbnb worries that when booking reopen, customers will not want to come.

She added: "I've been hanging on by a thread and news of being able to open on 12 April was really exciting, but if this happens again I'm going to have to just shut shop really."

  • Report by Granada Reports correspondent Amy Welch

The latest incident comes after thousands gathered at Platt Fields Park in south Manchester on Tuesday 30 March.

Hundreds of empty glass bottles, cans and empty alcohol boxes were left on the hill at Platt Fields.

Gas canisters were dotted around on the grass and bins were overflowing on Wednesday morning. Dozens of plastic carrier bags and piles of burnt out rubbish were also left behind at the park.

Hundreds of empty glass bottles, cans and empty alcohol boxes were left on the hill at Platt Fields Park. Credit: MEN Media