Life within four walls: the impact of the pandemic on older people

The pandemic has had a profound impact on all our lives but it's been particularly hard on the older population.

Older, frailer people, who may live alone, have spent much of the past year confined to life within the four walls of their homes.    

And as lockdown eases experts are warning of the long term impact on their physical health and well being.

Maureen Riley has only left her flat twice in the past year. Both times were for a hospital appointment

The 81-year-old lives alone at an older people's housing scheme in Chester.

She's no family but she's made friends there and enjoys the social events. Of course all that stopped with lockdown

Maureen says since lockdown's started to lift she's feeling more hopeful and is grateful for the practical support she's had from staff at Muir Group Housing Association.

And once she's had her second vaccine she's looking forward to life outside her four walls.

Alma Mullen's an elegant 88-year-old. The former ballroom dancer has a large extended family and she's missed seeing them.

Alma's also noticed her mobility has got worse during lockdown because she hasn't been as active as she would usually be.

Donna Hufton is an Independent Living Officer for Muir Group Housing Association and has worked at the scheme in Chester throughout lockdown.

She believes the impact of the pandemic has been particularly hard on older adults.

For further information on the help and support available:

Age UK