New mum gives birth in the back of car after being stuck in traffic

The journey to the hospital from the couple's home would usually take around five minutes. Credit: MEN MEDIA

A woman gave birth in the back seat of her car after getting stuck in traffic on her way to hospital.Little Claudia Elsie Millward entered the world in dramatic fashion when her dad Christopher Millward had to make an emergency stop on Thornley Lane in Hale so that his wife Vicki could give birth.

Christopher realised that Vicki wouldn't make it through the morning traffic to Wythenshawe Hospital to have their baby.

Friends have been joking to the couple that they should have called the baby Mercedes after the car she was born in. Credit: MEN MEDIA

The couple, who live in Sale, Trafford, had practiced the route from their home to hospital in the run up to the birth, which would usually only take around five minutes.But leaving their home at 8.10am during rush hour and peak school drop off time was a different story.Christopher, 33, was able to park his car on the road side just in time to jump out and get the back seats ready for his baby's arrival.

I could feel the head coming out as we were driving along and I said to Christopher I don't think I can wait any longer... she literally just came out on the back seat, I didn't even push!

The couple were able to take their baby home that same day. Credit: MEN MEDIA

After the birth the couple contacted Wythenshawe hospital to let them know that babyhad arrived en route, and the midwives were waiting for them with warm towels when they finally got to the hospital.Little Claudia was assessed and weighed at a healthy 6lb 15oz and the new family were able to return home the same day.

For her place of birth they put 'in transit', but we're not sure if that's what it will say on her birth certificate.