Muslim communities urged to remain Covid safe as Ramadan begins

Manchester Central Mosque Credit: ITV News

The holy festival of Ramadan starts on Monday evening, meaning many Muslims will fast during the hours of daylight for the next four weeks.

Ramadan marks a holy time of year, a period of reflection on the world and faith. During Ramadan Muslims give thanks to Allah, while the fasting allows them to understand the suffering of others.

Those observing the fast are encouraged to read the Quran and the holy text is recited at special nightly prayers held throughout the month.

But Covid restrictions mean it will, once again, be difficult for families to come together to celebrate Ramadan.

Muslim community leaders are urging people to remember the restrictions and enjoy Ramadan while making sure everyone stays safe.

Leaders are also urging people who are observing the fast to keep getting tested for Covid and get the vaccine if it is offered to them.