Daughter of the late Tony Morris, Natalie Morris, publishes her first book called Mixed/Other

  • Natalie Morris chats to Ann O'Connor about her new book and loosing her dad Tony last year.

Journalist and now author Natalie Morris has published her fist book called: Mixed/Other: Explorations of Multiraciality in Modern Britain.

The book looks at what it is like to be someone of mixed heritage in Britain.

Natalie is one of the daughters of our very own Tony Morris who passed away last August from kidney cancer.

There were points in the last year that I was like, I don’t know how I’m going to do this, I don’t know if I’m going to finish, I don’t know if I’m going to achieve anything ever again. So I’m really pleased that it’s done and I’ve done what dad knew I was doing and was proud of and I wanted to do it, I wanted to finish it for him.

Natalie Morris, Author
The publication of the book comes just eight months after her father passed away. Credit: Family photo

Natalie's is of mixed heritage, her mum is White British while dad Tony was Black British of Caribbean decent.

Morris uses her own stories as well as interviews from other people of a variety of mixed heritages and ages to deep dive into topics, from what it is like to not look like your parents to micro aggressions, blackfishing and the fetishisation of mixed babies

Natalie says "The mixed population is the fastest-growing group in the U.K. today, but the mainstream conversation around mixedness is stilted, repetitive and often problematic."

Natalie hopes to dismantle the stereotypes and amplify the voices of mixed Britons today, shining a light on the struggles and the joys that come with being mixed.

Natalie is the daughter of the late Tony Morris. Credit: Family Photo

The publication of the book comes just eight months after her father passed away.

In this timely and vital discussion of multiraciality in today’s Britain, Morris explores various forms of societal pigeonholing and the unique challenges they pose to those of mixed heritage.


Speaking to our correspondent Ann O'Connor, Natalie spoke about the year she has had and how she has been feeling about her dad passing.

It has been a really hard year. We miss dad every second of every day, he was and still is a huge part of our family and our lives and always will be and we wish he was here. It makes me so sad that I’m coming on Granada Reports and I’m not going to throw back to him n the studio.

Natalie Morris, Author

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