Doorbell cam catches dad in dressing gown seeing off 'would be bike thieves'

A dad in his dressing gown confronted two would-be thieves as they appeared to try to steal his motorbike. The whole thing was captured on his doorbell camera.Jason Clayton said he heard strange noises outside his home in Heywood, Greater Manchester, after his dogs woke him up at around 2am on Monday (April 12).He looked out of the window to see two men crouched beside his Yamaha Tracer motorbike with the protective cover removed. In the clip, he can be heard shouting: " Come here! Come on! Come on!"

Footage shows both of men running away as Mr Clayton - holding a baseball bat - shouts at them. His son also emerged from the house armed with a golf club.Mr Clayton said: “One of them turned around and he was waving something - it looked like a big machete-type knife.“That’s when me and my son walked back to our house and called the police.”After calling 999, Mr Clayton said police arrived ‘in minutes’.It is understood officers found two teenagers aged 17 and 19 inside a vehicle linked to the attempted theft.Police chased the car towards the Chadderton, where it was found abandoned.With the help of a police helicopter, officers then chased two suspects on foot.They were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and have since been released under investigation.Mr Clayton said: “I’ve got to give 100 per cent praise for the police, they were superb.

Mr Clayton said he had resorted to storing the bike elsewhere - at a cost of hundreds of pounds - to keep it safe.Mr Clayton said: “Me and my wife are hardworking people - it justmakes you really angry about things like this. “It’s been hard to get a decent night’s sleep ever since.”