Dad the Dish - How a Lancashire Dad's no nonsense cooking has inspired millions

A dad from Lancashire has found fame as a social-media chef after bouncing back from homelessness and unemployment.

Simon Hannigan from Kirkham gets more than 13,000,000 views a month on his social media sites, where he's better known as 'Dad the Dish'.

He's quickly becoming an internet star with his no nonsense style of cooking!

All you see is this Masterchef style food, and it doesn't encourage anyone to try and do it. So at the end of the day I make it simple, easy and the food that everyone wants as well.

Simon Hannigan
Credit: Dad The Dish, Instagram

Eleven years ago, Simon was unemployed, homeless and living in a second hand £250 car.

So Simon was determined to find a recipe for recovery. By selling cars, he started to make a living, then branched out into recruitment, and today Dad the Dish is going from strength to strength showing single dads in particular how to cook simple to make tasty meals.