Missing cat sparks rescue operation after hiding in wall cavity for three weeks

Missing Molly Credit: RSPCA

The owners of a missing cat in Glossop finally found the timid feline hiding in the walls after three weeks!

Molly got lost during a house move last month. When her owners couldn't find her they assumed she was hiding somewhere in the property. They returned to their old home everyday with food to try and tempt her out of her hiding spot but there was no sign of her.

Eventually the new owner Glyn Stafford who'd also been leaving food out heard meowing, after investigation the sounds seemed to be coming from inside the walls. Molly had somehow found a hiding place in the wall cavity near the kitchen ceiling and had become stuck.

Glyn said: “I was quite surprised when I heard the miaow after all that time and called the RSPCA straight away.  I have had cats myself so I really wanted her to get out and be safe." 

It's believed she squeezed through a gap around a waste pipe in the kitchen and had climbed up the pipe and had found a ledge which was above the kitchen ceiling but below the bathroom floor. The RSPCA were called and sure enough an inspector shone a torch into the gap and saw the cats face looking back at her.

The fire service were called and they managed to get the cat out by ripping up floorboards from the bathroom before crews could safely grab her.

She must have been terrified spending all that time trapped in such a tight spot.  She looked quite skinny so I took her to a local vet and fortunately she was found to be healthy but in need of feeding up. The vets were then able to contact her grateful owner to tell them that Molly was safe and available to be collected.

RSPCA inspector