What now for Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool after European Super League disaster?

The disaster of the European Super League has exposed how completely out of touch those at the very top of Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City really are when it comes to understanding their fans and football.

For United's owners, the Glazer family, calls from supporters to go are nothing new.

But for the men in charge at Liverpool and City facing open anger from their own fans is something they've never experienced before.

The strong relationship built up with their fan base through titles and trophies has now been erased in one badly misjudged move.

So should they stay or should they go?


John W Henry, the owner of Liverpool Football Club made a video to apologise to fans for the "unnecessary negativity" following the European Super League announcement.

Liverpool's mantra is You'll Never Walk Alone, but their American owner John W Henry is certainly on a lonely path right now with supporters calling for him to go.

In a video message released by the club he's apologised for the 'disruption' he's caused by signing the club up to the European Super League.

Credit has to be given to Henry as no other Big Six owner has fronted up like this yet. Instead they remain content to hide behind statements.

Calling for him to go seems shortsighted though.

Yes he's made a mistake - a BIG one - but in 11 years in charge at Anfield, Henry and his Fenway Sport Group have overseen the rise of Liverpool football club.

Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League final against Tottenham Hotspur in June 2019. Credit: PA Images

Being crowned English champions for the first time in 30 years, winning the Champions League, the appointment of Jürgen Klopp as manager and redevelopment of the ground are among some significant successes under FSG's reign.

Henry shows no signs of wanting to leave the club over this mess. In his video message he says 'our work isn't done'. His most important work now is reconnecting with the fans.


Manchester United joint chairmen Avram Glazer (left) and Joel Glazer (right). Credit: PA Images

Manchester United supporters never wanted the Glazer family in charge of their club and protested against their takeover in 2005.

Their feelings haven't changed since then and the fact the owners signed the club up to the European Super League will only strengthen that feeling.

While the United's finances have gone up and up, the relationship between supporters and those at the top of the club has gone down and down.

Ed Woodwood announced he is standing down from his role as executive-vice chairman at the end of 2021. Credit: PA Images

The announcement that Ed Woodwood will be standing down from his role as executive-vice chairman at the end of 2021 is welcomed news to the United faithful who see him as the 'Glazers' man'.

But it's the two men above him - Joel and Avram Glazer - who they really want to see the back of.

Their three sentence statement confirming their withdrawal from the ESL really sums up the contempt for which United's owners have for their stakeholders... sorry supporters.

And while the club keeps making money, the Glazers won't be going anywhere regardless of how the fans feel.


Emirati politician Sheikh Mansour owns Manchester City. Credit: PA Images

Backed by the billions of Emirati politician Sheikh Mansour, Manchester City have become a powerhouse of English and European football.

As the first club to pull out of the European Super League, City's half hearted desire to be in it in the first place is clear to see.

Bankrolled by a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family they certainly don't need the money and their decision to sign up seems to be mostly about being part of the gang.

Like with Liverpool's owners, this is the first outpouring of negativity that Sheikh Mansour has faced from the fans.

While there is a general feeling of being let down and disappointed in those running their club, very few City supporters would realistically want to see a change at the top.