£15 million worth of counterfeit designer clothes have been seized by police in Manchester

Cheetham hill seizure
Around 45,000 items were seized.

An estimated £15 million worth of counterfeit designer clothes and accessories have been seized in a number of raids in central Manchester.

The raids were conducted by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and City of London Police.

Officers found fake branded electricals and bootlegged medication.

Around 45,000 items were seized with an estimated loss to brands of £15 million if sold at retail price, according to City of London Police.

The Police say buying and selling counterfeit goods is not a victimless crime. As well as damaging legitimate businesses, it helps to fund organised crime, and with that often comes violence.

Four addresses in Strangeways, Manchester, were raided between Monday and Wednesday 21 April, following an operation by the two forces' intellectual property crime units.

Six people were arrested for offences relating to the importation and distribution of the fakes, while a seventh was arrested for intent to illegally supply prescription drugs.

Mobile phones and money were also seized.