Do traffic calming measures cause more road rage?

Video Report by Sarah Rogers

More than one hundred South Manchester residents stopped traffic today as part of a protest against plant box 'traffic filters.'

They marched through Levenshulme's main roads against the measures which are part of the 'Active Neighbourhood' scheme aimed at getting people to walk or cycle by making the roads safer.

Ten roads in the Levenshulme area have been blocked off by the controversial planters meaning cars can't cut through residential streets and use them as rat runs, but those out in force today say they don't address the main issues and cause more harm than good.

Traffic calming measures in Levenshulme Credit: ITV News

Organiser Adrian Broderick said "although rat running does exist in Levenshulme it is not one of the major factors that stops people feeling safe." He claimed fixing poor pavements putting in more crossings would be better.

There are concerns the move - which was very well received by many - makes it difficult for emergency services to access areas and increases congestion and air pollution elsewhere, simply shifting the problem rather than solving it.

The council said a consultation proved the majority of respondents were in favour. The planters are part of a 6 month trial, a decision will be made in a couple of months on whether they should be made permanent.