Man who spent 17 years in jail for Salford rape claims new DNA evidence will clear his name

A man who has protested his innocence as he spent 17 years in jail for rape claims new DNA evidence will clear his name.

Andrew Malkinson was convicted of raping a 33 year old mother who was left for dead next to the M61 motorway in Little Hulton near Salford in July 2003.

There was no DNA evidence linking the former security guard to the case but he was convicted after an identity parade and witness testimonies.

He told ITV Granada Reports that he believes the breakthrough vindicates him.

Andrew Malkinson Credit: APPEAL

The former security guard spent an additional 10 years in prison because he refused to admit the offence and was only released in December 2020.

Lawyers from the legal charity APPEAL say they have new evidence of male DNA found on the victim, including under her finger nails, which did not belong to Malkinson.

They claim further genetic tests have shown the DNA did not belong to the victim's boyfriend at the time.

Andrew Malkinson maintains his innocence Credit: APPEAL

The High Court has now granted Mr Malkinson's application for a judicial review.

Greater Manchester Police says it will cooperate with any further review of the case.