Manx students can receive their second Covid-19 jab in UK or the Isle of Man

Anyone aged 18 and over is now being encouraged to register for their Covid-19 vaccination in the Isle of Man. Credit: PA Images

Manx students who have travelled to the UK after receiving their first Covid-19 jab in the Isle of Man will be entitled to have their second while at university.

The same applies for those who receive their first vaccination in the UK before returning to the Island.

Students who are registered with a GP in the UK must register as a temporary resident with their local surgery in the Island and those going to university for the first time should register with a GP in the UK.

This follows a reciprocal health agreement allowing GP records to be shared between the UK and the Isle of Man.

What’s really important is that students register with a GP practice wherever they are. Not only do we need this to see the medical record, but the vaccination programmes here and across draw from GP lists, and in the UK the GP might be giving the jab.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture

Three quarters of the Isle of Man population has received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

I urge all students to register for a vaccination without delay, as we have slots for them at our vaccination hubs in the next week or two. We will give second doses to those who are still here in 12 weeks’ time, but no need to worry if they’re back in the UK by then - they should get their vaccine through their GP surgery.

David Ashford MHK, Minister for Health and Social Care

The government are inviting anyone aged 18 or over to register for their vaccination.

Anyone who registers after May 10 will face a delay to their appointment due to the priority switching to administering second doses.

A government spokesperson has said receiving both doses could be "invaluable" if vaccine passports are developed in the UK and Europe.