Campaign to stop only care home on the west of the Isle of Man from closing

  • Report by Granada Reports Isle of Man Correspondent Joshua Stokes

A campaign has been launched to save the only care home on the west of the Isle of Man from closing and leaving 21 residents homeless.

The Corrin Memorial Home in Peel is due to shut in July after owners said it was no longer viable.

It has been open since 1956, and has been a vital addition to the community.

But it is surviving purely on the support of local volunteers, and donations that are given.

Now staff at the home have set up a campaign group to try to save the home from imminent closure, even opening a JustGiving page to bring in vital funds.

The complex has been home to 90-year-old Jill for five years.

She says: "I've been on the Island since I was eight, and I've always lived in Peel. I can't imagine living anywhere else, or being away from this family that I've got."

The nonagenarian says thoughts of the home closing are keeping her awake at night.

I go off [to sleep] alright, but then I wake up crying, face is all wet and I really don't know what to do.

Jill, resident

For other families it is their home from home.

Resident Ann says: "It's so friendly, comfortable and the staff are lovely. I'll be devastated if it closes."

Her granddaughter Sarah added: "It was really nice to have somewhere like this, it was a really friendly, welcoming home, so that she could stay in Peel and have her friends around her."

In a statement the board of directors of the home said it had, "worked tirelessly to find a way to avoid closure".

It added: "The decision to close has not been arrived at easily, but we see no way to make the home viable. "We fully understand the announcement is likely to be traumatic for our 21 current residents, their families and carers and workforce. We will do everything we can to minimise the impact for all concerned."

Carol Walmsley, the Acting Responsible Person at Corrin Memorial Home, said finances were ultimately to blame.

She said: "It's down to finances, unfortunately expenditure is much greater than income and the board had to take a decision - it was a really hard decision to take, but they looked at it and they're not financially viable."

Staff have now set up a JustGiving page to save the home.