How football shirts are bringing comfort to some young fans at a Manchester hospital

Video report by sports correspondent Mike Hall:

A hospital, a team of students, a group of prisoners and a Premier League club have come together to bring comfort to some young hospital patients in Manchester.

They are providing hospital gowns made from Manchester City strips.

The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital hopes to expand its range to other clubs soon.

We care for lots of young children and teenagers who are Manchester City fans so we’re sure they’ll enjoy wearing the shirts. We can’t wait to see their faces when we show them what they can wear for theatre.

Cath Doherty, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital,

Teenager Declan McEntee is a Manchester City supporter and has had numerous surgeries at the hospital.

Declan McEntee

Hospital gowns are never the most comfortable or fashionable. These City gowns will give patients one less thing to worry about during times of stress when they may be feeling very daunted.

Declan McEntee

Manchester City are delighted to be part of this collaborative new pilot project which will provide children at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital the option to wear their City blue colours whilst in hospital. “If we can make even a small difference to their experience through the donation of these gowns, we’ll be extremely proud.

Danny Wilson, Managing Director, Manchester City Operations