Interactive art trail to launch in Old Trafford to bring the community together after Covid

An interactive art project showcasing a number of murals painted on walls and houses is launching in south Manchester

The OT Art Trail is an interactive art installation that encourages you to take a walk around Old Trafford whilst taking in brand new commissioned murals painted by local artists.

The murals themselves have been inspired by ideas stemming from the local community who had a go at their own murals after receiving creative packs and taking part in online workshops.

The trail was set up by OT Art as a way to bring the community together after so much isolation.

It makes use of QR codes so visitors can scan the code using a smartphone at any of the pieces to bring up a map to follow.

There are also paper maps available for those without a smart phone.

Caroline Owen is one resident who has given up the gable end of her house for one of the murals.

She said: "Our house is quite prominent, it's quite a big wall, lots of people walk past there, it's a good space to do a mural, so I was really up for it."

Many of the murals have personal connections, including one painted by artist Michelle Griffith on the side of resident Rebecca Wright's home.

She said: "The tree is inspired by Rebecca's request for a Tree of Life to symbolise her family's connection, and being rooted as a part of the community.

"I've never done a mural before so we decided to do it together and come out of our comfort zones."

The OT Art Trail launches on 15 May and is free. For more info click here.