Rescued owl returns to perch on Southport couple's fireplace

An owl sits on top of a fireplace at house in Southport
The owl was having a hoot at the house in Southport

A tawny owl which fell down a chimney and had to be rescued gave home owners a shock - when it returned to the same place the following day.

Ed and Joyce Jones found the bird when they heard a commotion coming from the living room in Allerton Road in the town on 27 April.

They called the RSPCA who managed to coax it out with a net.

RSPCA rescued the bird, but that wasn't the end of the story

But the following day, the couple again went in their living room and were shocked to discover that the owl had returned - and was sat on the same spot on the fireplace happily sleeping.

They say the bird looked like an ornament sat on the fireplace because it was again asleep and perfectly still.

The owl looked more like an ornament as it sat perfectly still, for a second time

The RSPCA came back again, and again rescued the owl.

So far there's been no return but the Jones say they've had an 'owl of a shock'!