Mosques turning the holy month of Ramadan into a time to feed those in need

Video report by Merseyside Correspondent Any Bonner

Underneath the Main Stand at Anfield hundreds of food parcels are about to be delivered to the community.

That's thanks to the generosity of those observing the Holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims across the region have been fasting for the past month, choosing not to eat or drink during daylight which is about 17 hours. 

Another central theme of this holy month is giving to charity with families across the region encouraged to donate to people in need. 

Volunteers with Islamic charities partnering with the LFC Foundation to deliver food parcels Credit: ITV Granada

The LFC Foundation has partnered with two muslim charities - Islamic Relief UK and the Liverpool Region Mosque Network - to deliver much-needed food for some of Liverpool's most vulnerable people.

This generosity of Ramadan means vulnerable Muslims will be able to celebrate Eid this week with their families. The food parcels are for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Belinda lives by herself and says the parcel makes a big difference.

As the country eases out of lockdown, the battle against food poverty continues for many.