Liam and Noel Gallagher to produce documentary about Oasis gigs Knebworth gigs 

Photo dated 07/05/95 of Oasis before their Knebworth Park concert.
Oasis before their Knebworth Park concert. Credit: Press Association

Liam and Noel Gallagher are to executive produce a documentary about Oasis's most famous shows - two nights at Knebworth in 1996.

The film will revisit the feuding brothers at the height of the Britpop band's fame, a year after the release of their album What's The Story (Morning Glory).

The news of the feature-length film was confirmed on the 25th anniversary of the day tickets went on sale for the shows, which took place in August 1996 and were attended by 250,000 fans.

The estimated 125,000 crowd pictured from the front of the stage at Knebworth. Credit: Press Association

The film will be directed by music video director Jake Scott, who has worked with bands including Oasis, R.E.M, U2, The Verve and The Rolling Stones, and produced by RSA Films, the production company owned by Scott's father, Sir Ridley Scott.

A post from Oasis on Twitter said: "The gig that defined an era. The 2 days in Aug 96, remembered forever by 250k Oasis fans as 1 of the greatest rock'n'roll events to ever take place on British soil.

"The feature length Knebworth concert documentary, directed by Jake Scott, is released later this year."

The film will attempt to document a pivotal time in British culture, with the rise of New Labour, Euro '96, Nelson Mandela's visit to Britain, and the phenomenon of Britpop, and aims to be "a crucial document of the moment that defined an era and cultural revolution".

It will be released later this year.

Manchester's Gallagher brothers have been embroiled in a feud since the band split in 2009, prompted by a backstage brawl at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris.

Fans have long hoped for a reunion; however, last year Liam said Noel had turned down £100 million to re-form the band for a tour.