Couple married in coronavirus lockdown 5,000 miles apart finally reunited in Maghull to begin life together

A couple determined to tie the knot after coronavirus forced them to cancel their wedding have finally been reunited - after saying 'I do' on Zoom 5,000 miles apart.

Andrew Bateman from Maghull in Merseyside, and his bride Mitzi Gussman, from Mexico City turned to the modern means of marriage after the Covid-19 pandemic forced them miles apart.

The pair met three years ago when Andrew was on holiday in Mexico and they had planned to get married there in 2020, but lockdown restrictions forced them to cancel twice.

They finally tied the knot over the internet at the beginning of January, despite not knowing when they would next be able to see each other.

After meeting in Mexico before the pandemic the pair picked different cities to meet in and spend time together.

But now, after border restrictions began to ease, the couple have been reunited, and after a brief stint in quarantine for Mitzi, have been able to start their life together.

Andrew says: "It's been a very long time coming, it's nine months since we've seen each other now and it's just fantastic to finally be together.

"It still feels a little bit unreal that we're actually married because we didn't have the actual wedding date, but it's perfect that she's here."

Andrew and Mitzi got married over Zoom in January and had to wait four months to be reunited in person and husband and wife.


Elspeth Kinder, a family law solicitor at JMW, said her advice to any couple contemplating getting married in this unusual way would be to do your homework.

She added: "Make sure you've properly looked into what the legalities are in the place they are wanting to issue them with a marriage certificate.

"If they have any doubt at all in their minds then they are best to have a civil ceremony here."

Andrew and Mitzi's wedding gained a lot of attention worldwide. The couple appeared in newspapers and ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Andrew said: "We just couldn't believe how much it took off!"

Andrew and Mitzi on Good Morning Britain

The couple say they are asked a lot if they are going to have a 'real' wedding, but their Zoom wedding is official and the most important thing is that Mitzi is now in Maghull.

Mitzi said "They're so happy" and they are in the "honeymoon period".