Storyhouse Theatre in Chester says the building is 'buzzing' again

Video report by ITV's Showbiz Correspondent Caroline Whitmore

Staff at the Storyhouse entertainment complex in Chester say they are 'buzzing' to have audiences back in the building enjoying films and live shows.

The arts and entertainment industry has been among those hardest hit by the pandemic. It's been a year without live theatre, musicals and comedy.

Audiences have been reduced to keep to socially distancing rules, limited to just a 1,000 in indoor events like theatres or concerts. Up to 10,00 people are allowed to attend events in larger venues like sport stadiums.

Julie Hesmondhalgh prepares to go back on stage again Credit: Storyhouse

Julie Hesmondhalgh brings her acclaimed one-woman show The Greatest Play in the History of the World to the venue from May 26-30.

Julie narrates a story of two neighbours and the people on their street, navigating audiences through the nuances of life, the possibilities of science and the meaning of love.

The plays been written by her husband Ian Kershaw and Julie will perform on stage alone for over 70 minutes.

She says she's been rehearsing at home and she will be 'straight into the belly of the fire' when she goes back on stage for the first time in 18 months.

Jungle Book is also being formed at the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre and it's already booked until August.