Infected blood victims urge Government to stand by promise for compensation

Video report by Andy Bonner

The daughter of a man who died after being given an infected blood transfusion says the Government must stand by promises to compensate survivors if told to do so. Paula Wakefield was just 13 when her dad, Russell Carbery died.

Russell Carbery was one of more than two thousand people who died in the scandal

The father from Leigh had haemophilia, which affects how blood clots. But a transfusion he was given which should have saved his life instead gave him HIV and hepatitis B and C.

He was just one of a number effected by the contaminated blood scandal of the 1970s and 80s, which saw thousands of patients become infected by contaminated blood imported from the US.

Victims have been given limited financial support - but during a public inquiry into the scandal the government has announced a study into options for paying compensation.

And, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says if the public inquiry into the scandal recommends the Government pay all the survivors and their families compensation - then it must be paid.

Matt Hancock at the inquiry into blood contamination

This has been a long journey.It is not over yet, but Paula and many others may tonight be a small step closer to getting on with their lives.