Turned out nice again for George Formby Society

Born in Wigan, George Formby is simply one of Britain's greatest entertainers. In his prime he was the  highest paid star in the land, and rightly so!

There are more than 900 members of the George Formby Society, and they are celebrating their Diamond Anniversary.

Usually they meet several times a year in Blackpool, but lockdown has meant they are having to hold virtual ukulele 'thrashes' online.

George Formby Credit: Pathe

George died in 1961, and was simply a huge star of stage and screen.

Anytime you hear, When I'm Cleaning Windows. or Little Stick of Blackpool Rock your feet start to tap.

It's hoped the Society will be able to meet up and play once more later this year in Blackpool. They've missed out on too many conventions already.