Blackpool and Morecambe off to Wembley to try to clinch promotion to League One

A report by Granada Sports Correspondent David Chisnall

It is going to be a big weekend for Blackpool and Morcambe as both teams gear up for their biggest game of the season on Sunday, 30 May.

At Blackpool Zoo, Orangutans are proudly wearing their colours in support of the team they want to win and Donkey’s are predicting a Blackpool win over Lincoln in the League One play off.

Oragutans at Blackpool Zoo are wearing Orange and White scarves in support of Blackpool FC. Credit: ITV News

Blackpool Manager Neil Critchley said: “We’re a cert then aren’t we. We don't need to turn up if the donkeys at the zoo are saying we're going to win then it's done and dusted isn't it.

“It will be a special day. To lead Blackpool out at Wembley is something that will live long in the memory.”

After years relegations and fans boycotting games, Blackpool are once again enjoying happy times under their new owner Simon Saddler. 

Promotion to the Championship is currently at stake and with the possibility of penalties the pressure is on their goalkeeper.  

Captain of Blackpool FC Chris Maxwell says they have not been planning specifically for penalties. 

He said: “If it's meant to be then it's meant to be. We've had a great season this year and we want to finish it off in the way that we want it to and that's with a win on Sunday.”

After a few practices — psychic sea lion Gina predicted Morecambe wouldn't bottle it at Wembley after placing her bottle in their bucket.

The Sea Lion predicts Morecambe to victorious. Credit: ITV News

Blackpool fan Sam Lavelle is hoping for a double celebration this weekend.

The 24-year-old is also the captain of Morecambe who went from favourites for relegation to one game away from promotion this season.

He said: “To get this club and town up to League One would be incredible I couldn't really put it into words. It's such a tight nit community club and to be captain of that team would be great.

Morecambe hope to clean up against Newport in the League Two play of final on Monday.

Both Morecambe and Blackpool are only allowed to take 4000 supporters because of covid restrictions.

Christine and Mickey are two of the few fans getting the opportunity to watch the Morecambe game. 

Blackpool supporter Christine Seddon said: “So many of us missed it last time in 2017 because we were right in the middle of the boycott and that was tough to do that. I'm so delighted that I'm one of the privileged few who have a ticket to go.

“The last time Morecambe played at Wembley was in 2007 and I was four so I couldn't go. 

“To get to where we are and to Wembley and to get a ticket is out of this world. It's going to be an amazing day out.”

As a person from the North-West, Christine also takes pride in Morecambe making to Wembley and plans on also watching their game too.

She said: “To have another North West club from just up the road there as well I'll be cheering them on.”

Morecambe fan Mickey Millar said: “100% yes. I have every faith that they are going to beat Lincoln so I'll be cheering them on."