Champions League Final: How music legend Johnny Marr and Man City hero Dennis Tueart became best of friends

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He's one of the coolest men in rock 'n' roll but even Johnny Marr occasionally gets star-struck.

Ten years ago he queued up to get a book signed by his footballing hero Dennis Tueart.

Now, not only have they become good friends but they are next door neighbours.

Johnny Marr takes to the stage

Marr, the legendary guitarist from iconic Manchester band The Smiths and now a successful solo artist, lives on the same plot of land once owned by Manchester City hero Colin Bell.

Just over the fence is Bell's former teammate Tueart, scorer of the winning goal for City in the 1976 League Cup Final.

Marr and Tueart have become good friends, even attending matches and gigs together.

"I've spent more time with Dennis than some lead singers," joked Marr.

Dennis Tueart holding aloft the Carabao Cup

Over a brew in Tueart's back garden, the two men discussed their friendship, Tueart's heckling of Marr while out jogging, their mutual love of Manchester City and the rise of the Blues during the last decade.

Marr also offered his thoughts on the ill-fated European Super League, admitting he was shocked by the proposals. He paid tribute to former Manchester United defender and now TV pundit Gary Neville for his passionate condemnation of the plans.

  • Johnny Marr pays tribute to Gary Neville for standing up against the European Super League

  • The moment Dennis Tueart and Granada's Mike Hall were covered in ticker tape during City's 2014 title-winning celebrations.

Marr and Tueart are both tipping City for glory in Saturday's Champions League Final against Chelsea in Porto.

"If we get the first goal I think it will be 2-0," said Tueart.

"I think we're going to surprise Chelsea. If we dominate them in the first 20 minutes I think we'll win 3-0," added Marr.

Dennis Tueart and Johnny Marr chat to Mike Hall

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