Meet Britain's largest family - entertaining their 22 children at Alton Towers

Now for most parents this is the first half term holiday where attractions have been open - and my goodness after home schooling I'm sure they're all hugely relieved!

I know I am with my two! There's finally a way of entertaining the munchkins again!!

One family from Morecambe in particular has more reasons than most to breathe a sigh of relief as their family consists of 22 children!

Yes you heard me right - 22! The Radford family are officially Britain's largest.

The Radford family took their 22 children to Alton Towers for a much-needed day out Credit: PA Images

So as they enjoy their first outing since lockdown, at the launch of 'The World of David Walliams' and the new gangsta granny ride at Alton towers, we asked them just how do they keep track of all their children? 

Mum Sue says: "There's a lot of head counting. We try to just roll with it - if we got anxious about it we wouldn't enjoy the day out!"

Noel her husband laughs and tells me, "Yeah that's true - we've not lost a child yet!"

Credit: Press Association

Their eldest son is 32 years old and is called Christopher, while their youngest child is Heidie who is just a little one year old.

They live in a 10 bedroom former care home in Morecambe - but how do they get about transport wise? 

Sue says: "We've come in a mini bus to Alton towers today but usually we have two seven seater cars at home - the older children are far too cool to be seen with their Mum and Dad!!"

Credit: PA Images

They famously don't receive benefits for their children and own 'RadFords pie company' in Morecambe. 

So after Sue has been pregnant for a total of 16 and a half years the burning question is are they stopping at 22 or will they have any more children ? 

"No no no - we're done - finito!" They laugh.